Pat Ferrer

Pat is a Registered Nurse and has a long and extensive teaching experience in the healthcare industry. Pat is a Washington State DSHS approved instructor teaching a variety of courses, such as: 75-Hour Home Care Aide, Dementia, Mental Health, Nurse Delegation and Nurse Delegation with Focus on Diabetes, and CPR/First Aid.

A great teacher with pleasing personality, students find Pat very knowledgeable in what he teaches. He is witty and funny  and can keep the class challengingly engaged. and laughing.

Dr. Eli Ferrer

Dr. Eli is a certified DSHS ADSA/TCDU Community Trainor. He started his caregiving career in 2004 caring for vulnerable adults afflicted with Dementia, Mental Illness, and Developmental Disabilities. Eli’s passion is to teach students how to provide proper care with an abundant touch of compassion. With more than 10 years of teaching experience and a great sense of humor, Eli excels in teaching and he is known to exceed expectations in terms of knowledge and skills.