ATTENTION:  Please read the Emergency Announcements before you show up for the class.


We have realized that training is an aspect in the healthcare industry that is required for compliance and proficiency. More and more people want to become Home Care Aides (HCA) as it is a stable job to have and an excellent springboard to pursuing a higher healthcare career, like CNA or nursing.

Here at Caregiver for Hire USA, we provide competent training for you to become a qualified Home Care Aide. Our fully certified and professional instructors will prepare you for the tasks that lay ahead of you. We will help you become proficient in caregiving in order for you to be able to carry out your duties and provide quality care for all types of residents in the home care setting that you work for.

We are engaged and fully committed to your success and we are proud to say that our students have a high rate of success in passing the State exam for Home Care Aides.

We look forward to having you as our student. WELCOME!